• a large number of family houses, housing-business tenaments and business offices financed by private investors in Samobor, Zagreb and surrounding area
  • housing-business tenament ''Tehnika'' in Samobor
  • Caffe Bar ''Gric'' in Samobor
  • "Old Nick's Pub" in Samobor
  • adapation of Samobor Elementary School
  • adaptation of the ''Lug'' center in Lug samoborski
  • "Park domovinske zahvalnosti" in Samobor
  • reconstruction of Kralj Tomislav square in Samobor (one of the partners involved in the reconstruction)
  • main solar system in Sv. Nedelja street in Samobor
  • partial solar system in Rakitje - Sv. Nedelja
  • plumbing system in Sv. Nedelja's industrial zone
  • plumbing system Brezje - Mala Gorica
  • street maintenance (reconstruction, preparing for asphalt laying) of J. Dalamtinca street, S. Drzislava street, K. Tvrtka street, Prigorska street, V. Bukovca street, Heroviceva street, I. Trnskog street and many other in Samobor
  • paving with asphalt of sidewalks in Langova street and Gornji kraj in Samobor
  • putting in gas pipelines in Samobor and surrounding area (withing 20 km in range) as well as putting in gas pipelines in houses
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